Passion To Profits, Internet Marketing Knowledge

Passion To Profits, Internet Marketing Knowledge



My name is Louis founder,

Firstly, welcome to my about page.


What is About? is about helping people live the dream they dream, turn their passion into profits. This blog is about internet marketing Knowledge.

More to it, I don’t even know a single get rich quick scheme method to share with you at all.

I’m here to provide the tools, resources, and internet marketing strategy to further improve all internet marketers or people who are interested in making passive income.

This site will keep you update with articles that will turn your passion to profits.

Relevant resources to assist your journey as an internet marketer and help narrow your focus into one specific thing and get that one thing done.

Below… I’m sharing with you


My Story

I started to be an internet marketer when I was in high school, the first time I came to Sydney, Australia.

I didn’t even know how I was an internet marketer… It’s all begin at the Google search bar “How To Make Money Online”

Since then, I’ve suffered all kinds of many strategies, systems, books, etc. I didn’t know what to do plus a lot of systems, strategies sharing on the internet about making money online…

Not to blame but the lack of knowledge and mindset I had.

The ultimate thing I understand about life is

There are two choices in life really…

We can live by paycheck to paycheck / we find a different way.

That’s what keep me going.

A total of six years watching people succeed online, doing what they do and I copy what they do.

Supposed, if I’m keep going I will make it, but I didn’t know what I was fighting for, that’s why I was playing the quit game.

I Found a Mentor in January 2016…

In January 2016,

for some weird reasons, I’ve read through a lot of story that “people usually getting out alive at the very last moment”

Same to me…

I gave myself 30 days to kill everything,


I didn’t make it until the last day but finally…. I ordered a book called COP.

I then slowly build a relationship with it and come in contact with the author of the book.

This book changed my focus as an internet marketer and today, I’m only on the internet because of what this book sharing and strategies they show me, what to do to turn the…

Passions to profits.

Now It’s mine turn to help people like the old me.

But now I’d to share with you…

Check out the free book, COP.

Thank you for stopping by,

Wish you all the best,

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