Top 100 Content Marketing Blog Posts: You Don’t Want to Miss

4 Steps How To Create Viral Content

I don’t know how much I’ve learned from these 100 content marketing blog posts.

These articles are from the top Internet Marketers (such as SEO experts, Internet Marketing strategists, best freelancers, Social Media Marketing experts and etc.)

As I’m learning more about SEO, you’ll see more of Neil Patel articles listed in this post.

Every single piece of content has generated more than 1,000 backlinks…

…which means readers and bloggers love them and shared all over the web.

I don’t think you can run through every single post, but definitely, pick your best article and come back from.

Before we’re [Read More]

How Often Should You Publish a Blog Post?


As a blogger (aka: Internet Marketer) when coming to content publishing, they’ll soon face a big problem mentioning in this blog post.

First, bloggers got their first article published. Second, because the lack of promoting, and they’re not seeing result from their hard work. Third, this is when bloggers start to ask “how often should I publish a blog post” because we don’t see results.

When writing an article, it is difficult and time-consuming.

If I don’t see any result, what is the point of keep publishing content?

Just like playing a video game, if we’re keep losing. We stop [Read More]

17 Ways to Speed Up WordPress Loading Time

How to Start a Blog, Blog design

What if speed up WordPress blog loading time could double your website traffic?

Improve your search ranking result page? And the more traffic you get, the bigger your email list get.

People hate to wait, they want speed.

According to Kiss metrics, 47% consumers expect a web page speed to load in less than 2 seconds and any second longer will cause a 7% decrease in conversion rate.

But ignore that.

If you want to read about weight loss tips and you’re landed on a page that’s loading up,

by now, the longer an article’s going to load,

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SEO Friendly Blog Post: 12 Tips Crafting a Perfect SEO Blog Post


Crafting an SEO friendly blog post saves your promoting energy.

What is SEO blogging?

What SEO blogging is your blog posts are optimized and ready to get indexed by Google. It’s a not an overnight thing, but SEO blogging is like when you’re going to the gym and trying to build some muscles.

Ignoring SEO is an option to choose from. I used to ignore SEO, coming up with random topics and talks about stuff that nobody is searching for…

Because I didn’t want to learn SEO, a simple excuse. Another would be Google keeps changing their algorithm, a blame. [Read More]

Top 3 Marketing Tactics to Increase Website Traffic


You’d like to increase website traffic?

Traffic jam is the type of traffic that you want most.

When comes to Internet Marketing, imagine traffic is jammed around your products.

How many sales will you make?

But getting traffic to a website seems to be the biggest problem.

By understanding these 3 marketing tactics,

and before you’re applying any traffic generation tips, these 3 tactics will help you understand that driving traffic to a website is very natural and simple.

  1. Online advertising – immediately traffic coming to your website.
  2. Content marketing – free requires effort and time.
  3. Social Media – free
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