Passion To Profits, Internet Marketing Knowledge

Passion To Profits, Internet Marketing Knowledge

Blog Commenting: 3 Steps How to Drive Targeted Traffic to your Blog

how-to-drive-targeted-traffic-with-blog Commenting

Blog commenting is free.

It is a simple and straightforward process for link buildings in SEO which will help improve your search results.

The more links you’re building using different marketing strategies, especially with blog commenting marketing which is the easiest way, the higher your blog will rank on Google.

A lot of people will be coming to your blog via Google and you’re getting free SEO traffic.

In addition, blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to build backlinks that you don’t have to wait for a long process like guest posting.


  • Have you been commenting on
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4 Steps How To Create Viral Content by SEO Experts

I’ve been following up with Neil Patel SEO tips and tricks for already 4 years.

Spike on his tricks privately and learn from Neil Patel SEO tricks publically.

Before reading Neil Patel SEO,

As an Internet Marketer, I used to market a lie to everybody that

“Google keeps changing their algorithm, what is the point of writing articles for SEO?”

After all this time, I finally find out the why Neil Patel always sharing his SEO tips and tricks to his audience,

but on the other hands, I’m telling myself Neil Patel SEO is not working.

I was wrong. Here [Read More]

5 Steps How To Start a Blog & Drive Free SEO Traffic

How To Make Moneey Blogging

This post will show you how to start a blog in 5 steps, then help you understand how to drive free SEO traffic to your blog.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you are going to start a blog, then you will have to write articles in order to drive free SEO traffic to your blog.

Your #1 goal as an Internet Marketer is to build an email list to make money online. Therefore, blogging is one of your marketing strategies to build an audience by writing articles.

It looks something like this,

How To Make Moneey Blogging

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How To Build an Email List of Subscribers, Overnight? #3 List Building Strategies

list building robert kiyosaki

When come to list building.

Have you heard ‘the money is in the list’?

and building an email list is building yourself an asset?

There are two primary list building strategies to drive traffic to your business.

  1. Free strategy which is what I’m doing right now, writing articles and providing value.
  2. Paid strategy is simply, you paid and you get traffic.

Driving traffic to your products and services is easy and that is what everybody can do but according to smart business owner,

They’re always trying to turn their traffic whether is free traffic or paid traffic into their email [Read More]

List Building 101: How To Make Passive Income by Building An Audience


How do you getting started with list building? I recommend AWeber. Simply drag-and-drop to get your email business up-and-running and you can even build your email list without having your website or blog, try AWeber free for 30-day with my affiliate referral.


Why you need an email list?

Because you need your own traffic source,

Social Media can send you tons of traffic.

You need to somehow drive that traffic without Social Media.

How do you do it?

Build an email list today. All smart business owners turn their traffic into an email list…

AKA: Your own [Read More]