Blog Commenting: 3 Steps, Drive Targeted Traffic to your Blog

Blog commenting is free.

It is a simple and straightforward process for link buildings in SEO which will help improve your search results.

The more links you’re building using different marketing strategies, especially with blog commenting marketing which is the easiest way, the higher your blog will rank on Google.

A lot of people will be coming to your blog via Google and you’re getting free SEO traffic.

In addition, blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to build backlinks that you don’t have to wait for a long process like guest posting.


  • Have you been commenting on blog correctly to get traffic?
  • Are you branding yourself correctly while commenting to get higher CTR?

I have 3 steps on how you can drive targeted traffic to your blog with blog commenting below.


Blog Commenting: 3 Steps How to Drive Targeted Traffic to your Blog

how-to-drive-targeted-traffic-with-blog Commenting

Step 1. Grab Readers Attention with Blog Commenting

How do you grab reader attention with blog commenting? And look at how many people are commenting on the article?

You can grab reader attention with blog commenting by enhancing the overall looking of the entire comment which including Gravatar, Full Name, and Website Link.

Gravatar, people looking at visual content first then visual content will motivate readers to read texts, in this case, is your profile photo.

When you’re at Gravatar, you can sign-up for a free account using the email address also for blog commenting, and your profile picture will show up.

Full Name. Your full name will help gain more recognition, brand awareness, and personality growth.

Avoid only using your first name, if your name were Louis, there will also be another Louis’s commenting on the same article as you.

Email address for blog commenting. have a separated email for blog commenting and a different email for business opportunities.

Avoid using fakes email address, firstly you’ll already lose your business opportunities.

Blog commenting using the email address that you’ve sign-up for Gravatar to see your profile picture appeared.

Website link, only commenting on blogs that allow you to include your website link. Otherwise, you won’t be able to improve your backlinks for SEO.

There are some blogs that do not allow website link but their content might need to be outstanding and unique to attract commenters.

All you have to do is find blogs that allow website link in blog commenting and 80% of blogs will allow blog commenting with a website link.


Step 2. Share Somewhat Useful Comments to get a Higher CTR

Comments that like “great article, thank you.” Or “nice post man.” Akismet is a comments spam filter. A comment like that often ends up into Akismet.

Complimenting on every single post is the best way to leave a comment on other blogs.

Avoid doing a long blog post comment. I’ve come across several blog post with bloggers are willing to leave a 500-word comment on an article. Which guest posting marketing would be a better alternative instead.

An example of a comment from a previous article, they commenting on blogs with a very professional layout, yep, very long. A few days later, I did copyright checks and found their comment is copying from one of QuickSprout posts.

Leave a short comment would be great but not 1 or 2 words comment, when you see a lot of people leaving long comments.

Leave a long comment when you see a lot of people leaving short comments.


Step 3. Keep Commenting to Build Backlinks

While you’re waiting for your comments to get approved.

Go ahead and keep on commenting on a lot of blog posts, leave some value and keep compliment other people contributions.

Do not worry about whether your comments will get accepted.

Keep commenting is your goal to drive traffic to your blog, but also to build backlinks.

Now that you’ve cleared on how blog commenting could help your online business.



How to Find High Page Rank Blogs to Comment on?

Blog commenting when using one of the best tools to find top PR blogs to comment on is not hard.

Use DropMyLink to find blogs that should be active blogs, good page rank, do-follow/no-follow, comment Luv enabled, top commenter widget and recent comment widget would be great.

When you’re at DropMyLink, you will land on this page,


Make sure you play around with DropMyLink and follow the screenshot above to find blogs with Comment Luv Premium to comment on,

Also, it’s great to play around with this simple tool to get a hang of it.

Using the 3 phrases below for DropMyLink to search high PR blog to comment on:

  • “Top PR blogs to comment on.”,“Top PR do-follow for blog commenting.”, “Top PR blogs using CommentLuv plugin.”

This is SEO Quake toolbar will make your life easier with SEO. It’s a Google Chrome Extension, 1-Click Install and easy to use.



Blog Commenting: How to Search for Do-Follow Blog to comment on?

Both tools DropMyLink and SEO Quake make easy to find do-follow blogs to comment on, especially with DropMyLink.

Once you’ve installed SEO Quake for blog commenting, click on the SEO Quake blog-commenting-do-followGoogle Chrome Extension, then click on the setting icon, and check highlight no-follow.

All links on posts that are without highlight will be your no-follow link and links that highlight will be no-follow.

SEO Quake and DropMyLink make easy for blog commenting, having that great blog commenting tools, do consider commenting on blogs with either no-follow/do-follow.

Any blogs that allow you to drop a website link, regardless either do-follow/no-follow, still do blog commenting on both.


10 Blog Commenting Tips to Drive Targeted Traffic to your Blog even faster

1. Link your website to the about page. Most blogger will be new to know you, the about page would be a good starting point. The homepage should also be fine.

2. Avoid company name or keywords name when blog commenting. People want to know people behind the brand. A commenter name with real name compares to “Lose Weight Today”, most people will completely ignore the comment.

3. Improve Gravatar image resolution. Gravatar, as mentioned, is visual content what drives people to look at the content of the comment. Gravatar provides high image resolution and according to Gravatar, it’s time to update your profile pixel.

4. Write relevant comments to the topic. Either a story, experience, or anything but the important is relevant to blog topic. And obviously, it’ll show you haven’t read the post and just want to leave a comment.

5. Focus on building a relationship. A part of SEO purposes like link building via blog commenting. Blog commenting can also a marketing tool for relationship building and be sure to leverage both.

6. Be the first one to comment. The first commenter gets to see first as readers scroll down to the comment section. To be the first person to comment on blogs is by using a FeedReader.

7. Mention other commenters. This shows you’re reading what others are saying which will give the author be more interested in what you’re saying in blog commenting.

8. Tweet about your comment. Once you left a comment, go ahead and send a tweet to your followers and mention the author.

9. Stands out from blog comment. If you see a lot of short comments in an article, write up a long blog comment one that will make you different. On the contrary, if you see a lot of long blog comments, all you have to do is write a short and sweet comment to make yourself stands out.

10. Use signature correctly. Is it necessary to leave a signature when commenting on blogs? I’ve seen short blog commenting and long comments that include a signature. It’s completely up to you when you feel like you’ve excessively over using when blog commenting.


4 Reasons to Consider Blog Commenting as your Marketing Strategy


Direct Traffic coming from blog commenting. Commenting on blog that allows website link will earn you visitors over time. Especially with a well-written comment that will attract more reader attentions to click a link (also prevent irrelevant comment/spam link drop). If blog commenting on an article that’s receiving ongoing traffic, this could an ongoing traffic source for your blog. [1, 2, 3]

Blog commenting for future marketing impact. Blog commenting is similar to posting a tweet, most tweet got featured on TV shows or anything like that, same for blog commenting. Commenting on blogs aren’t directly impactful, but reporters that follow up on comment to include in an article, most comments will also get feature. [4]

Enhance your blog search ranking. By using the previous tool introduced in this article, you’ll be able to find do-follow blog to comment on, links on comments that have approved will increase your blog ranking value. A more powerful SEO marketing tactic to apply is leaving an irresistible link that the author of the article is willing to edit his/her post to include your link instead, which will triple your search ranking value. [5]

Building your Brand awareness. Blog commenting helps build brand awareness via consistency and on-going relationship building. Writers provide value in their article with the help of your comment will greatly impact on their readers. Therefore, drive attentions to your brand name and be more willing to click on any link you’re sharing with the audience. [6, 7, 8, 9]


Although blog commenting is one of the free marketing strategies, as mentioned the benefits above, it’s worth spending the time to getting started with blog commenting.

Blog commenting might not be as strong as paid advertising, however, its build your business in the long run and will boost the relationship between your business and Google that paid advertising might be limited on if done correctly.

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  1. Hi Louis,

    Good tips bro! Glad you’re spreading the blog commenting word because it is an easy, simple way to spend 5-10 minutes, for building strong friendships with influential bloggers. I often go through every comment I receive and click through to the commentor’s blog, to share my thoughts through a comment and to tweet the post to my 45,000 followers. Which I’m doing now 😉 Thanks a bunch Louis!


    1. Hey Ryan, I’ve noticed your tweet on Twitter but I’ll just ignore Twitter for now for the next experiment purposes, Thank you for stopping Ryan, I’d love to comment on your blog if you could provide a website link though.

      LH Louis

      1. Hi Louis,

        Just click on my name my friend 😉 It’s linked to my website. Then you can click the link to my blog.

        Here it is:


        1. Ryan! Just left a comment over the article.

  2. Good thing you followed your own advice and have gravatar, Louis! Had to fish out your comment at from spam (I hate those spam filters sometimes!). The only reason I spotted it was because it had a gravatar and the others didn’t! 🙌

    By the way… I was told by one of the leading SEO experts, Eric Enge, to never-ever use CommentLuv to connect to your latest post. Could definitely be seen as a spammy tactic by Google.

    IF Google traffic matters, that is. If you are getting more traffic from comments than you’d ever hope to get from Google, then who cares, right?

    1. Nah it’s phycology advice from experts I stole from. Wow Ana, I guess Comment Luv is facing an issue there.

      Not actually, my goal of writing articles experimenting how Neil Patel tactics could help a website getting free traffic from Google. Otherwise, blog commenting is also a great way to build backlinks.

      I used to ignore Google because I didn’t want to learn SEO, it’s simple but Neil Patel is a game changer.

  3. Hi Louis,

    You have written about one of my favorite topics: Commenting. You sure have given some great advice here for people to follow.

    I always say “Commenting is the backbone of your blog” and it works both ways. When going to someone’s blog, address them by their name, tell them how much you liked the blog, and of course you have to read it lol.

    I can tell you that I have received more readers on my blog just from leaving a comment. People do read the comment section!

    Moreover, you have brought to light the many aspects of how comments work from starting a relationship with a blogger to how well comments drive traffic to your own blog.

    I’m taking one tip here that I absolutely LOVE…making my CommentLuv link to my about page. Thanks for the advice and I’ll be spreading this around.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Love the advice, Donna, making comment Luv links to the about page is definitely a great way to warming cold traffic.

  4. Hi Louis,

    I found this post through Donna Merrill’s share on Facebook and am glad I clicked through! These are really great tips! I don’t understand why so many bloggers don’t understand how useful commenting on other blogs is. That is, valuable comments. I have a love-hate relationship with CommentLuv. I think some leave a comment just to leave a link. Sadly, I use it off and on with both of my sites.

    Anyway, spot on advice! I’ll be passing it on as I know many that will find your post as valuable as I have.


    1. Hi Bren,

      Great to see you here. You’re managing 2 Sites?? That’s a lot of work… But anyways, commenting is great way to get traffic to blogs and it’s totally free.

  5. Hi! I’m the same to Bren. I saw this article via Donna sharing.

    Well. Blog commenting is the great strategy for marketing your blog. Honestly. It’s my favorite and top marketing strategies which I’ve mentioned in my top 3 strategy.

    With the blog comment, It not only can build your a great backlinks, but comment will help to build relationship with other bloggers that is the most important key for succeed in blogging.

    Thanks for sharing, I love your article.

    1. Agreed, blog commenting is one of the best free internet marketing strategies to use online. For instance… content marketing.

  6. Hi Louis, Blog commenting is key to network with other bloggers. I’ve found it’s a great way to get to know them better, learn about their blog and what is important to them. I also learn a lot about my readers through the comments they leave at my blog. Many times it helps me to come up with new posts for the future as well. That can be priceless! Comments are the thread for the fabric for a blogger. Thanks for the tips Louis, especially on having a gravator and using a photo, very important to not end up in the spam folder!

    1. Lisa, great to see you here. It’s great to find new topic using the Skyscraper Technique by Brian Dean. Blog commenting is definitely great!

  7. Hey Louis,

    Commenting in right way and on good website post will be beneficial for good rank in google search engine or we can say that good for SEO.

  8. Thanks for all the direction, esp dropmylink. Gonna definitely check that out. LOTS of helpful content worth researching and using. Thanks

    1. Hope that tool will help you out.

  9. I have to come to understand that blog commenting is the major key/fact to rank and expose a blog.

    Blog commenting is the best way to get high backlinks to a blog.

    Blog is one of the best thing thing i have learnt to do.

    Thanks for this wonderful Article Bro

    1. Definitely keep promoting!

  10. Jack

    Your post is valuable, thanks!

    1. Thanks!

  11. Sustain the remarkable work! Lovin’ it!

    1. Thank you!

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