Top 3 Marketing Tactics to Increase Website Traffic

You’d like to increase website traffic?

Traffic jam is the type of traffic that you want most.

When comes to Internet Marketing, imagine traffic is jammed around your products.

How many sales will you make?

But getting traffic to a website seems to be the biggest problem.

By understanding these 3 marketing tactics,

and before you’re applying any traffic generation tips, these 3 tactics will help you understand that driving traffic to a website is very natural and simple.

  1. Online advertising – immediately traffic coming to your website.
  2. Content marketing – free requires effort and time.
  3. Social Media – free requires effort and time.

It’s important to identify the free method and paid method,

before trying to increase website traffic.

Back in the day, without understanding the fundamental and going through articles that say

using long-tail keywords,

start a forum on your website,

and 50 more tips to increase your website traffic.


they’re great, but I didn’t know where to start.

Is this method will get me traffic within the hours?

Or will this method get me traffic in the long run?


Online advertising, will get you the traffic within the hours. If traffic coming to your website without purchasing what you’re offered.

With Facebook, they allow you to retarget the same group of audiences so that customers could think twice.

Content marketing is a free method to increase website traffic while helping Google’s collecting world information, make it easy to access and useful for people, it’s called SEO.

But there are also 2 small natural ways that you could get traffic within days or weeks that I’ll share with you in this post.

  • Tip: driving targeted traffic to your website is better than having website traffic that’s not targeted and unwilling to take any actions at all.

Now, we’re going to the main part in explaining using the 3 natural ways to increase website traffic.


Increase Website Traffic Using 3 Marketing Tactics


Online Advertising

Increase website traffic via online advertising,

instantly help your business generate hundreds, if not as many clicks as you want plus targeted traffic.

With today advertising on the internet, marketing platform such Facebook advertising make it 10x easier to target your audience. [1]

There are many methods of online advertising on the internet such as pay per click, pay per view, banner ads, etc.

  • Pay per click (PPC) is the top advertising strategy every business using. Online businesses often use PPC to generate traffic to their landing page to capture leads which businesses consider to be cost-effective. [2]
  • Pay per view (PPV) is one of the cheapest online advertising. However, pay per view seems to be disappeared on the internet. The EarningGuys has gathered the 8 best PPV networks for advertiser and publisher that you might want to check out.
  • Banner ad is placing an advertising on other people website which was popular back then when a lot of people were using BuySellAds, and most website owners simply do not promote other websites via banner ad anymore. [3]

It’s important to have a marketing plan,

beforehand, how you are going to increase website traffic and understand your ROI, and to scale.

The process of online advertising can be simple.

You’ll need to target traffic that will be interested in your offer or at least sign-up to your website. Otherwise, traffic will be useless if they do not take action.

One of the best ways to increase website traffic via online advertising is first to improve your ads campaign such as ads copy and design.

Another is by understanding each element of your website is converting.

A/B testing with 1 element changes only.

Spend between $5 to $20 per day to get started while recording ads performance

and track each element of your website conversion.

Then let your ad campaign runs determined on the number of visitors coming to your website.


  • Instead of letting your ad campaign runs for 3 to 4 days, you might want to consider track the number of visitors instead.
  • If 200 visitors coming to your website, then slowly based on the results and see if they are achieving closer to your objective.

Every time you make a small change. By tracking the number of visitors will help small business owners to save more money.

Different ads platform works on different products when you want to increase website traffic.

If you want to send traffic to your health product via online advertising using Facebook ads.

Facebook is strictly in the health category and here is their complete advertising guideline.


There are many ads platforms to increase website traffic when using online advertising such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bings Ads, 7Search, etc.

  • Google Adwords is advertise using most searches keyword terms to display ads for people that looking for the answer to their problems. It’s important to always improve ad copy. [4]
  • Facebook Ads, you’ll always need to improve ad copy and design also. With Facebook Ads, you could super target an offer to people by analyzing your audience interest using Facebook Audience Insight.
  • Bing Ads is alternative to Google Adwords, you could get a low CPC with Bing Ads by also using keyword search terms. Ad copy always needed to improve for maximum conversion.
  • 7Search, start your campaign with as low as $0.05 CPC, traffic from 7Search is quite low and not converting for me.

However, the results can be varied from person to person based on the marketers’ performance.


How To Increase Website Traffic & Conversion via Remarketing/Retargeting


Image by World Stream

While you’re trying to increase website traffic,

remarketing/retargeting help maximum website conversion by showing ads to the number of traffic

that already visited your website via traffic from the first ad campaign.

A user visits your website, Google then places a cookie in the user browser,

the user then leaves the website,

and with the power of remarketing, your ad is following the user around.

This is how Facebook retargeting looks like,


Facebook has put together a completely free course on how to effective run your ad campaign using Facebook Ads on how to increase website traffic.


Content Marketing: Guest Blogging & Blog Commenting



Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great marketing strategy for building backlinks

that will improve your search engine results and establish your site authority,

while double and also increase website traffic.

It’s totally free and according to the Drafting Technique,

combined with the Skyscraper Technique,

It’s important to have a proper way when engaging the guest blogging marketing strategy.

Before you read the main article I’ve linked above,


Read below:

First, find related niche websites by doing a Google search “[your niche]” + “[guest post/write for us/contributing writer/this is a guest post by]” to bring up topics.


Apply the Drafting Technique to email top influencers for guest blogging opportunity. You can copy Derek’s word-from-word email template at Social Triggers.

Second, finding popular and proven content using the Skyscraper Technique. It’s a great way to find unpublished and unique content using Brian Dean’s tactic.

Third, promoting content is important and with guest blogging, you’ll get traffic.

But it’s great to further promote that featured article.

Again, apply the Skyscraper Technique promotion strategy by email site competitors.

Crafting a popular and proven content is important when you want to help people

Tips for Effective guest blogging to increase website traffic:

  • Move on when you get rejected, if possible ask for feedback.
  • Follow other guest blogging’s guideline to increase the chance to get accepted.
  • Always answer to comments to your article is featured, this will help the overall website presents better and increase the chance of future guest posting.

While you’re emailing blog author for guest blogging opportunity while waiting for a reply

or tired of request a guest post opportunity.

Try the free and final method to increase website traffic.


Blog Commenting to Increase Website Traffic

Blog Commenting is free. Here are 3 benefits:

Building backlinks SEO when you leave a comment on blogs that allow you to leave a website link.

In SEO, It’s called a link back to your website.

The more link you build the better the following things will help you increase website traffic.

Improve website ranking, although this is one of SEO factors,

however, it’s important not to leverage blog commenting just because to increase your website ranking value.

It’s important to also focus on the quality.

When you comment on ‘nofollow’ blog, it tells Google not to follow your blog

and therefore, no ranking value. But when commenting on ‘dofollow’ blog,

it tells Google to follow your blog

and therefore, increase in ranking value and increase website traffic.

Increase website traffic, branding, and awareness, this point is important and it’s completely great if you’re doing blog commenting for these commenting benefits.

Neil Patel, founder of QuickSprout has a great article on how Neil generated $25,000 with 249 comments you might want to check out.

Neil Patel also mentioned that commenting on blog in the same industry will not just increase website traffic,

but drive targeted traffic to your blog as well,

and out-performing when blog commenting on non-industry blogs, here is a graph,

The graph shows,

Neil left 52 comments on mainstream blogs such as HuffingtonPost,

125 comments on industry blogs, and 72 comments on guest posts that Neil wrote.

Each comment drove 6 to 59 visitors to QuickSprout.

Another Neil Patel tactic is to be the first person to leave a comment in order to receive more traffic to his website.

The reason, as readers scroll to read the comment, Neil’s comment will be right at the beginning,

which gain more exposure and therefore, increase website traffic.

I’ve also written an article on Blog Commenting: 3 Steps, Drive Targeted Traffic to your Blog, you could check it out.


Here are 5 Tips How you can Increase Website Traffic via Blog Commenting

Gravatar, visual content tends to dominate text alone.

With a 65% of visual learners, 90% of information that’s processed in the brain is also a friend of visual content.

Also, presentation becomes 43% more persuasive when using visual content. [5]

KissMetrics has written a great article on creating visual content for you to read.

Full name, as mentioned in the previous article, an example of when I only use the name ‘Louis’ on blog commenting, and if someone else is also named ‘Louis’,

then branding might not become as effective.

Website link, whether you’re commenting on blogs that are either ‘dofollow or nofollow’ you will still be acquiring traffic to your website.

However, without a website link, traffic from other blogs won’t be able to visit your blog at all.

Add value, it’s important to add value. One sentence of a tip is better than this ‘great post, man’.

Focus on branding instead of SEO, as mentioned when blog commenting will benefit to the SEO Google ranking factors.

But when focusing on add value to your comment, SEO Google ranking factors is already included when you are doing blog commenting to increase website traffic.


Social Media

Social Media is the best way of leveraging viral marketing.

It’s the power to increase website traffic.

What is viral marketing?

One person like your Facebook posts status,

their friends also see what they like

and they might like it too, and it’s passed on.

  • Facebook population is a country. [6]
  • 88% of companies are using Social Media in the Internet Marketing space. [7]
  • 54% of online marketers have generated leads via Social Media. [8]

Social Media Examiner has even written a 16 Resources for Generate Leads with Social Media you might want to check out.

People get on Social Media to relax and connect with their family and friends,

while online marketers are using distraction marketing strategy to attract customer attention.

An obvious reason, people do not look for the solution to solve their problems on Social Media.

You need to engage traffic on Social Media with interesting content and consistency of interaction

to build a relationship,

and help your followers understand more about you before they buy.

Different Social Media platforms perform differently.


Here are some examples:

Facebook is more like non-professional sharing or basically, people on Facebook can post anything they want to.

Unlike Linkedin, more professional and job applicants are active on Linkedin and not many people are sharing the same activity as Facebook users.

Twitter can be professional and somewhat non-professional. Unlike Facebook, Twitter’s interface is more about 140 characters tweeting.

Buffer is a software company help internet marketer to schedule their Facebook post status or tweet to send out at the best time that attracts most traffic to your Social Media status.

Here’s a small infographic on…

how many times should you use each Social Media platforms to increase website traffic,


It’s sad if you’re a spammer on Social Media and here are 5 tips how to prevent:

Think of your followers on Social Media, when you’re on Social Media, It’s important to know how your followers feel. Are you sending too many tweets or Facebook status at once?

Prevent spamming by differentiating your Social Media activity. When you tweet the same thing word-from-word, it is spam

but instead ask a question, cite a fact, share a quote, add intrigue.

Provide valuable content, share interesting articles and tweet popular tweets to get more retweets.

Separate a Social Media business profile and personal profile. If you’re on Facebook, start a page. If you’re Twitter, only tweet about positive activity and avoid complaining.

Prevent using too many Social Media platforms. Facebook, Twitter are great for business use.

In fact, every Social Media platforms great but you just don’t have enough time to manage all of them,

instead of pick 3 Social Media platforms is a great deal.



SEO is another great option to get to increase website traffic,

however, it takes time and never relies on 1 traffic source,

instead, understand the basic on how to increase your website traffic first,

then add 2 more marketing strategies to increase traffic to your website.

In summary, there are 3 fundamental tactics to increase traffic to your website:

  1. Online Advertising – you get traffic immediately.
  2. Content Marketing – free requires time and effort.
  3. Social Media – free requires time and effort.

What are your main marketing tactics to increase website traffic?

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