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Passion To Profits, Internet Marketing Knowledge

How To Build an Email List of Subscribers, Overnight? #3 List Building Strategies

When come to list building.

Have you heard ‘the money is in the list’?

and building an email list is building yourself an asset?

There are two primary list building strategies to drive traffic to your business.

  1. Free strategy which is what I’m doing right now, writing articles and providing value.
  2. Paid strategy is simply, you paid and you get traffic.

Driving traffic to your products and services is easy and that is what everybody can do but according to smart business owner,

They’re always trying to turn their traffic whether is free traffic or paid traffic into their email list, and smart marketers are always focused into

one thing

list building.

They are always focused on building an email list.


It saves up your advertising cost, the effort they’ve invested into driving free traffic or paid traffic.

You can always inform your readers with your product launches and valuable information that you want to share with your readers.


Just sending an email.

That is why.

Building an email list is cost-effective and effortless towards the future of your business.

But don’t spam your email list.

Prospects can always block, report, drag emails from spammers into the spam folder, and change their email address completely.

Should you get started on building an email?

If you’re already building an email list, I have 3 list building strategies that will double your subscribers, literally

overnight – with the paid traffic method.


1. Solo Ads

This method is popular in the Internet Marketing niche.

Internet Marketing would be the biggest, weight loss comes second, and personal development would be the most expensive click you can purchase to build an email list.

list-building-anikSolo ads marketing is the fastest way to build an email starting today. However, expert marketers believe that solo ads marketing is less quality than advertising on Google, Facebook, Bing and other search engine marketing.

As a beginner email marketer and according to Anik who is an expert and top internet marketer earning over $11.4 million in just 14 days,

In his book COP, foreword by Robert list building robert kiyosakiKiyosaki [best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad], solo ads would be the number one fastest way of growing your email list.

Anik’s mentioned solo ads would be the number one fastest way of growing your email list.

Let’s say,

  • Bob has an email list of 100,000 subscribers, then as a buyer, you can purchase a small amount of click and by writing a swap to send it to Bob,
  • then Bob will send that amount of clicks to your 1-Page-Website.

Getting started to build an email list with the #1 solo ads platform today,

In Udimi, you will look for solo ads sellers with good reviews, positive feedback from other buyers.


2. Start building a relationship with Solo Ads Sellers 

Building a relationship with solo ads sellers is a fun part to do and what also will motivate you to move forward from other failures or success story.

In fact, not just solo ads sellers but start talking to everybody in the community.

You can go solo without talking to anyone but it wouldn’t be fun during your internet marketing journey.

I recently did a test on a solo ad seller and we were talking so nicely and nothing is related to selling or asking one or another to do something.

But just a soft welcome chat that I’m using in Udimi,


After conversation finished, I went on order 100 clicks from the solo ads seller.

Btw, all solo ads sellers in the platform will always over deliver, if you order 100 clicks, solo ads seller will send you over that 100 clicks you ordered.


The solo ads seller gave triple over delivery rate,

I ordered 100 clicks, and I received 150 clicks which is 50% over delivered rate.


All I did was start talking to the solo ads sellers.

P.S. just a soft welcome message and that is nothing related to asking other to do something or simply taking advantage of somebody else.


3. List Building: Traffic Matching Academy

Sending the right traffic to the type of product is vital.

In the following example, I’ll be specifically talking about the opt-in page, not others type of landing page.

A page simply with 3 main elements

  • Background image
  • Clear headline
  • And an opt-in form

For example, if you’re advertising on Google and sending traffic to that opt-in page

Traffic from Google Adwords is cold traffic.

Which might not be as well converting as solo ads which have been trained for opening email, email sign-up, and click through.

On the other hands, if you’re sending traffic from solo ads to an opt-in page with 3 elements listed above.

Your opt-in page is guaranteed to converting at 35 – 45%.

Note: I wasn’t a customer of ClickFunnels and my previous landing page converting at 45% is based on actual calculation [Clicks / Number of subscribers Opt-in]

Disclaimer: Performance of each solo ads you’ve ordered results can be varied.

And I did have an opt-in page converting at 11% using solo ads.


However, this is one of mine experiments.


We could come to conclusion when purchasing solo ads, It’s important to avoid ordering 1,000 clicks

at once.

But instead, purchasing in a small chuck. For instant 100 – 200 clicks from different solo ads sellers.

P.S.  If you have the ability to purchase 1000 clicks, might as well using Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads or other social media marketing platforms.


Should you Get Started with Solo Ads, Today?

First getting started with Udimi, when you visit Udimi then you’ll be landed on this page,


Second, the sign-up process of Udimi is simple, quick-and-straight forward. It is FREE.

Third, fill out your profile name. Literally, just ‘profile name’ is enough unless you’re a seller.

Forth, setup your email swap, this part is important – it is an email after all.

  • Tip: your email subject line and the content should relate to what you’re offering at your opt-in page, therefore, to increase conversion rate and trust for more subscribers.

Fifth, start ordering your first 50 to 100 clicks. (50 would be a quite small amount for you to test, 100 clicks should be fine).

  • Tip: track conversion so you decide whether to continue to work with this solo ads seller or change to a better solo seller.


List Building Ending

The ideas of an Internet Marketer:

The more you failed as a marketer, the more you experienced and it doesn’t matter what everyone else is saying.

You’ll gain the experience, and understand what is good for you, and also

what work for others, it doesn’t mean it will work for you.


Is Solo Ads the right Internet Marketing strategy for you?

I’d say, try this marketing strategy out yourself and always the #1 advice would be start small, with a 100-click and track conversion.

As you’re building your list to 500 subscribers.

Watch the open rate and click rate to see how well solo ads actually work for you or not.

Remember: Educate your subscribers by sending email daily throughout your testing period for maximum exposure.

Therefore, you can come to a stronger conclusion of using solo ads as one of your internet marketing strategies.



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  1. Great tutorials for email marketing

    1. Thanks Sharoz, glad that help

  2. Hi Louis,

    Good walkthrough of the solo ad process.

    As Amar pointed out, there are other ways to build your list, too.

    Solo ads, though, is one of the better strategies and what I always liked about it is that you get instant feedback to your offer and swipe copy.

    It’s not so much fun, though, if you get lots of subscribers but no sales, so make sure to have an excellent, high converting sales funnel in place before investing too much into solo ads, or any paid ads for that matter. Or any free listbuilding tactics, too because hey, your time is probably even more valuable than your money.


    1. Hi Donna,

      by testing the funnel is very very important.

      If the funnel can be as honest as the seller can, it definitely generates sales and also always always testing with number of clicks sent to the funnel to test every single element of the funnel

      One-by-one. Recently attended one of the Funnel webinars this guy totally has some crazy and unique ways on testing to achieve maximum conversion.


  3. Wow solo ads. That’s new to me. Gotta check it out.

    1. Thanks Sammy, just notice you haven’t got a gravatar, you can easily create one at Gravatar using the email that you’re commenting around and your gravatar will show up your picture.

      By doing this will attract more eyes looking at your comment and therefore, they might want to check your site out.