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Passion To Profits, Internet Marketing Knowledge

List Building 101: How To Make Passive Income by Building An Audience

How do you getting started with list building? I recommend AWeber. Simply drag-and-drop to get your email business up-and-running and you can even build your email list without having your website or blog, try AWeber free for 30-day with my affiliate referral.


Why you need an email list?

Because you need your own traffic source,

Social Media can send you tons of traffic.

You need to somehow drive that traffic without Social Media.

How do you do it?

Build an email list today. All smart business owners turn their traffic into an email list…

AKA: Your own empire.


List building is for all kind of businesses 

Try to think of these,

  • What do you use to register Facebook?
  • Why Twitter need your email address to sign-up Twitter?
  • Why even League of Legends [LOL], the gaming industry needs your email address to play the game?

it’s pretty obvious that all kinds of businesses are building an email list.

Why not you?

In fact, building an email list is cost-effective compared to the amount you spend on advertising.

Instead of send traffic straight to your products,

why not send them to the 1-page-website to capture their email address and follow up with them?



The secrets of list building are reveals, but

Everybody is doing the same thing, they are building an email list


Why should one give you their email address but why not others?

And why,

Why should some give you their inactive or fake email address instead of their real and active one?

It’s all about what you are sharing with them once they’re on your email list.


We do not want to have information overload right now.

All you need to now is getting started to build an email list.


List Building: #3 Steps Getting Started Without A Website

list building without a website

Step #1: Building an Email List Today

You will need an email provider. Expert with the list size of 100,000 email addresses, they’re using AWeber. Thus, I highly recommend you to check out AWeber.

AWeber used to have the $1 trial…

But today, you can get AWeber FREE for 30-day… after 30-day if you’re not happy with the level of service…

AWeber offers a 30-day money back guarantee, at ZERO risk.

Get AWeber 30-day free trial here.


go sign up for AWeber, and then check out how you can make money online by building an audience.


Step #2: Build an Opt-in Form

Without an opt-in form, there are no ways for traffic to turn into subscribers.

Head over to AWeber, to build an opt-in form using their drag-and-drop feature to getting started.

  • Tip: your opt-in form headline is important. Make sure to have a clear headline. An example: instead of “Learn How to Lose Weight Fast” turns it into “3 Exercises To Lose 10% Body Fat with 2-3 Pounds Equipment”.

Once you have your opt-in form published. You will find a link,

Start to use that link with step #3.


Step #3: Traffic

There are two methods of getting traffic, getting traffic isn’t hard at all but until you know the steps:

  • Free traffic
  • Paid traffic


Free Traffic

With the free method, if you’re not able to use paid traffic then you will have to exchange with your time.

Start to promote your opt-in form link, share them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

You can also comment on other blogs.

Include your opt-in form link in your forum signature.

The free method can also become more complicated as well, this what I’m doing right now, writing articles and providing value.

Stay tune, though.

I’m going to slowly share everything with you here. – Just don’t overwhelm yourself with information overload.


Paid Traffic:

Use “Click to Website” at Facebook Ads. You can start as low as $5 a day budget.

Paid traffic is fast to get traffic to your opt-in link, but you need to learn about Facebook Ads as well.

You need to learn:

  • How to target the right audience?
  • Target the right country with quality traffic.
  • How to setup Facebook pixel to track your result?
  • Targeting the right audience is also important.

With all these, you can head over to Udemy, and you will find courses that you need.


Now your email business is up-and-running and it’s ready to go


Don’t focus on make money online instead focus on building an email list…

Engage your email list by sending them email daily. Provide free content and educate your email subscribers, then endorse products to your email list.

Remember this:

The bigger your email list gets, the more money you will make.

Keep learning guys.

This article is just the beginning of how you can make passive income by building an audience.


I hope you enjoy,

  • I’d you to share this article
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FREE: “5 Steps How To Make Passive, Recurring Income By Building An Audience”

  • Getting Started with your 1-Page-Website,
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  • Paid and Getting the right buyers [traffic] to your 1-Page-Website,
  • Start to make passive and recurring income.
Learn the 5-Steps How To Make Passive Income by Building an Audience, click to watch a free video.

20 Replies

  1. Great guide I am gonna definitely try this

    1. Definitely if you have anything questions at all? feel free to contact me 🙂

  2. Hi Louis,
    The points you made and tips on how to build email list absolutely stunning. Yes indeed, the email list is the most important factor to measure blogging success after SEO. A great share… Keep up

    1. Definitely Ugyen, blogging good is to learn more how SEO could help with drive free traffic.

  3. Hi Louis,

    Nowadays, an Email list is a necessary to built your traffic.

    You mention some vital element to improve our email lists which are very important for every blogger.

    Thanks to share this post with us.
    Maqbool Azam

    1. Maqbool, Building an email list is the free traffic source for every blogger.

      Building an email list is definitely hard when we’re using free traffic source such as blogging like what I’m doing right now.


  4. Amar kumar

    Hey Louis,

    Some of the most popular Passive Income sources include Affiliate Marketing, Advertisements on a site or blog, setting up a web store where you offer downloadable files in turn for payment. Eventually, thanks for sharing these valuable keys regarding the subject.

    1. Definitely Amar, I used to blog without knowing which audience group I’d like to produce articles for, but I still forcing those articles and keep going. For advance people, it’s true to know which group of audience they are targeting. However,

      I’d like to help people who are interested in making money online is to start to build an email list today!

      While building an email list, they could earn an income while building an email list.

      Until you reach the level, then you will have some free time and starts go into more detail such as Amar mentioned by knowing your audience.

      With 5-Steps.

      Thank you Amar,
      Lovely to see you here

  5. My first job as an adult was working for a local newspaper. Things have really changed!

    Most newspapers today have a digital version as well as the home delivery. Ads are not cheap! You are so right. Get the word out yourself about your services and products. Let people get to know who you are and why you offer so much value.

    Write more!

    P.S. I love the photo of you and your dog! 🙂

    1. Thank you Deborah!

      Yep it is not cheap but still wasting tree and take a long time for advertising to show to target audience. Definitely, Internet Marketing changes the way both online and offline business do.

  6. Good article about list building. Target audience is more important than normal visitors.

    1. Vicky,

      Target audience is important after all.

      P.S I’ve notice you haven’t got a Gravatar and you easily sign-up at Gravatar using the email address that you use for commenting, and commenting around blog using that email.

      Benefit: You will attract more visitors to your website by sharing a little of your personality.


  7. Hello Louis Huynh,

    Well facebook ads works really great if we want to achieve results in short time by spending some money. I really enjoyed the helpful points shared here.


    1. Osho, I understand that spending money on Facebook Ads, of course, could achieve a faster result, is that what you mean? But it’s truth, otherwise, blogging by producing a little value to content is a great option.


  8. This Was the post i was Searching For…There was some confusion in my mind which has been cleared by this Post. I praise the author for his writing skill and creativity. Thanks for sharing the post and helping bloggers like us…

    1. Hi Md.Arman, I understand your confusion but it’s pretty much narrowed down everything to make money online with building an audience. There are of course other ways to make money but stick with 1 method will be enough to learn from.


  9. This post is amazing ad as we all know List building is something which let you speak to your audience in the form of mails. One should understand these emails are like resource where you can easily target your traffic and audience. I have been using sumome from past few months for list building and I must say, sumome get this done without any cost and as well as it helped me in bringing more traffic as well.

    Thanks for the post, keep writing great stuff.

    1. Sumome is definitely a great tool but too many people are using it plus heavy branding, even when you look at the perspective of one of their tools, immediately you know that it is Sumome.

  10. Prevent Yeast

    Grea article dude! Thanks, However, I have a problem with your RSS, don’t know why I can’t subscribe to it. Is there problems? Thanks!

    1. Hi Prevent, make money online by building an email list! No one is promoting their RSS Feed anymore although they’re still using it.

      Get started with an email provider, Write articles providing free content to attract more subscribers and endorse products.