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Passion To Profits, Internet Marketing Knowledge

5 Steps How To Start a Blog & Drive Free SEO Traffic

This post will show you how to start a blog in 5 steps, then help you understand how to drive free SEO traffic to your blog.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you are going to start a blog, then you will have to write articles in order to drive free SEO traffic to your blog.

Your #1 goal as an Internet Marketer is to build an email list to make money online. Therefore, blogging is one of your marketing strategies to build an audience by writing articles.

It looks something like this,

How To Make Moneey Blogging

This post is not about just start a blog, but to start a blog and make money blogging by driving free SEO traffic to your blog


  • collect visitors information
  • build an email list
  • educate your readers
  • make passive income by sending an email.

If you confused?

You will need to be ready because when come to make money online, you have to spend the same amount of effort as you’re working in a job. However, the advantage of make money online will be benefits depends on how big your email database gets.


As you’ve build up your email list, and have established a relationship with people in your email list,


in the future, you can sell products to people in your email list by simply,

sending an email.

Coming back to the topic “5 steps how to start a blog to drive free SEO traffic”,

blogging is one of the free online marketing strategies, that is why you have to invest in the time and energy to boost the momentum of SEO,

in order to drive free traffic.

However, if you’re able to apply the investment method to drive traffic to build an email list? then you will further understand why you need a blog.

Before you want to start a blog,

You might want to read this article List Building 101: How To Make Passive Income by Building an Audience

Blogging is a long term business if you want to be profitable right at the beginning the article above is for you.


5 Steps How To Start a Blog & Drive Free SEO traffic to your blog



Step 1: Domain name & Hosting Plan

A domain name is the URL address for people to get access to your blog. An example of


  • Pick a short and simple domain name for your blog, avoid adding dashes or number to your blog domain name.
  • Limite your domain to ‘.com, .net and .org’

Keep in mind, it’s no big deal of picking the best domain name. The main goal of a blogger is to write articles to drive free SEO traffic.

A hosting plan is where all your blog posts is stored. A blog cannot exist without a hosting plan.

You need a hosting service that will boost your site loading time. Site loading time is one of the SEO factors, if you site loading time is slow, you won’t get much free SEO traffic because people cannot wait for your blog to load.

Here’s how to setup your blog step-by-step:

1. When you’re at BlueHost, you will land on the page below, click ‘get started now’


2. Select ‘basic’ to get started,


3. Fill out your domain name,


4. Fill out your billing information, remove checkout ‘Site Security’ to complete your sign-up process.


Get a Free Domain Name & Hosting Plan + 56% Off


Step 2: Install WordPress

WordPress is the number #1 content management system, where you’re simply just click-click to manage your entire blog. Starting a blog with WordPress is simple and it’s the #1 blogging platform, try it out yourself and you’ll spot the simplicity.

Here’s how to setup your WordPress blog:

  1. Login to your CPanel ‘’ – BlueHost will email you the login information
  2. Click ‘1-Click-Install’ > ‘WordPress’  > ‘Install WordPress’
  3. Fill out your ‘WordPress Install Form’ – Pick a unique username to you
  4. Finish off by clicking ‘Install WordPress’.

If you don’t know how to use WordPress, follow along with this guide, I’ll show you step-by-step what you need the most once your WordPress blog is live.


Step 3: Purchase a Premium Blog Design

How to Start a Blog, Blog design

You need a premium SEO blog design that supports you with SEO so that you optimize all your articles for SEO in order for search engines to find your blog.

Avoid free blog design, the reason is blogging marketing is a long term business. Blog design is one of the major factors that could gain your blog reputation in the long run.

Also, don’t lose your readers by changing your blog design too often. The goal is to stick with a theme for life.

If you’re going to stick with a theme for life, you will need a premium WordPress blog design.

Here’s how to setup your blog design:

1. Visit StudioPress to purchase Genesis Framework.


2. You will receive an email with login information to StudioPress.

3. Download Genesis Framework.

4. Login to your WordPress Blog > Appearance > Themes > Click ‘Upload’ at the top.

5. Finish off by ‘Activate’ Genesis Framework

Perfect Genesis Framework by StudioPress


Step 4: Prepare an Opt-in Form, First Article, About/Contact Page

These 3 things are important when starting a blog,


Back to the main purpose of blogging marketing,

  1. You blog to drive free SEO traffic
  2. Once you get free SEO traffic to your blog, ask your visitors to sign-up to your email list.
  3. And start to make money online by building a relationship with your readers either in your email list or in your blog. All by providing free content.

Now that you’ve cleared out the mess.


Firstly, Add an opt-in form your sidebar. This is one of the top converting spots that help you generate the most subscribers. There are many high converting places to place an opt-in form, however, this will be covered in a different article.

For now, just your blog sidebar.

Here’s how to set up your opt-in form:

  1. Sign-up AWeber free for 30-day
  2. Login to Aweber
  3. Use the Drag-and-Drop opt-in form builder
  4. Publish the form and copy the HTML code provided by AWeber
  5. Login to your WordPress blog > Appearance > Widget
  6. Drag a box called ‘Text‘ into the ‘Sidebar
  7. Finish it off by pasting the HTML code into the Text box > Clicks ‘save’.


Secondly, publish your first article. By providing free content, you will start to attract free SEO traffic to your blog and turn them into your subscribers.

As mentioned, SEO only works by producing valuable content and self-promotion. There are many factors that trigger SEO such as,

  • Your article title and meta description,
  • Number of social shares you get in that post,
  • How many backlinks you have.

If you confuse? Don’t worry. I’ll show you how to get it done.

Here’s how you can publish your first article:

Pick a niche for your blog. In this case, I’ll take an example of the ‘Weight Loss’ niche

  1. Visit Google Keywords Planner and Sign-up a free account
  2. Put the keyword phrase ‘Weight Loss’ in the ‘first tab’ > Enter.
  3. Click ‘keyword idea’
  4. Pick a keyword phrase – Above 100 monthly search, let’s say ‘how to lose weight naturally’
  5. Come up with a headline ’11 Ingredients How To Lose Weight Naturally Based on Science’
  6. Search on google for the phrase ‘How To Lose Weight Naturally’ and start to put together ideas into your first article by using ideas from other top ranking articles.
  7. Login to
  8. Click > Post > Add New,
  9. Start to play around with your blog post, and
  10. Proofread and publish.

Tips on Writing your article:

  • If you find articles ranking on Google first page for that keyword, copy their writing style.
  • Break sentences into small paragraphs.
  • Use relevant images throughout the post – graphs and models.
  • The longer the post, also with useful information, the higher chance you could mention the keyword ‘How To Lose Weight Naturally’ throughout your post, therefore increase ranking over time.

Important: Use the SEO feature provided in Genesis Framework to improve your search engine ranking.

These are some of the basic SEO tips to getting started. But in step 5, it will reveal how you boost your search ranking 10x by promoting your blog.

Without promoting itself by using 2 free strategies to get readers to your blog, it’s harder and longer for a blog to trigger SEO traffic.


Thirdly, get your about/contact page ready. Once your readers finished reading your post, readers will be interested to know more about you.

Your about/contact page is the opportunity for your readers to connect with you.

Tips: Your about/contact page is not much different to your post page. It’s important to add value and apply SEO for the search engine to discover your blog.


Step 5: Promote your Blog by Commenting & Guest Posting

Start commenting on blogs, this is one of the most effective link building strategies. When you leave a comment on other blogs with a link back to your website.

There will be 2 things happen. Traffic will send to your blog if people is noticing your comment, the second thing will happen is you’re building backlinks for SEO.

The more backlinks you have, the more you can improve your blog SEO.


  • Google search ‘do-follow commenting blog’
  • Leave as many comments as you can, never to spam by leaving 1 or 2 words comments.


Guest blogging on blogs related to your niche, if you’re blogging about weight loss, then you could Google Search for ‘weight loss blog’ and contact then starts to pitch what you could contribute to the author blog.


  • Look for what other weight loss blogs that haven’t covered the topic.
  • Keep in mind, bloggers want quality post and somewhat able to help their readers.


5 Easy Step-by-Step Setup Work Sheet to Setup your Blog

  1. Sign-up for a free domain name & 56% off Hosting Plan
  2. Install WordPress by login to your
  3. Download Genesis Framework for SEO Blog Design to get free SEO traffic.
  4. Add an Opt-in Form to your sidebar, Write your first article and the About/Contact page
  5. Promote by Blog commenting and Guest blogging.
  6. Repeat step 4 & 5 to increase your SEO traffic for free.

Remember this diagram below when you want to make money blogging:

How To Make Moneey Blogging


Blogging is one of the free marketing strategies or the cheapest marketing strategies everybody can get started on. However, It’s how you’re willing to learn more in order to get more

  • traffic to your blog and read your blog – traffic generation
  • converting your blog readers into your email subscribers – list building
  • as your email subscribers grow, the higher chance you can educate your blog readers and email subscribers, and promote passion products to your readers.


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